Custom Mortgage Analysis

Mortgage analysis customized to your exact needs:

Individual or Tape sampling for conformity to sales descriptions and conformity to lending standards

Retrospective underwriting for conformity to loan guidelines

Compliance analysis for conformity to state and federal guidelines

Mortgage, appraisal, servicing, insurance, and other vendor analysis for fraud, breach of contract, and conformity to state and federal guidelines

Whole story to single issue resolution guided analysis

Recently completed projects include:

  • Real Property Data Extraction and Value Modeling and for
  • Nationwide Real Estate Agent vs. Property Ranking 

Real estate data analysis

Data Extraction from existing files, internet, or other sources

Modeling, algorithm, and product development for real estate related websites (vendor or agent evaluation or real property evaluation models) 

Data Visualization

Single or multistep Integrated Analysis

Real Estate Litigation support

Fair Housing, Contract, Fraud Analysis

Custom analysis of transaction, property, or mortgage(s) for legal use


Legal Research and Data Analysis

Individual mortgage, portfolio, or population analysis for class actions

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